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Heat Your Entire Home Effectively And Avoid Cold Weather Damage

Almost no one likes to come home to a chilly house. When it’s cold outside, the inviting glow of a warm home is almost priceless. However, keeping your home at a reasonable temperature is more important than just staying comfortable. There can be costly consequences for exposing a home to extremely cold weather over even a relatively short period of time. However, investing in a Yukon Eagle wood furnace can save more money than charges on your electric bill. Cold weather damage could realistically cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. You might be surprised to learn that you could even lose your house or your health.

Common home damage associated with exposure to cold weather

Indoor plumbing was designed to be kept at a reasonable temperature. In cold temperatures, indoor pipes can sometimes freeze just enough to cause small cracks. When water runs through the pipes, a little bit can leak into your walls over time. Mold can build inside supporting walls in your home. Certain toxic mold can cause “sick building syndrome.” You and your family could start to suffer mysterious symptoms of a serious illness which could have lasting respiratory consequences, such as asthma. Worse, you might not notice that there is a problem until it’s too late. If the toxic mold cannot be adequately removed, your home could be condemned. The really frightening part of toxic mold buildup is that you would not have to have left your home unheated for several weeks. During a cold snap, leaving your home unheated for even a few days could leave you at risk for what can only be described as a nightmare.

If you have an older home, you may be at risk for your home’s foundation cracking in a cold snap. You might start noticing cracks in the basement. Often, repairing a home’s foundation does not cost thousands of dollars. It costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Signs of home damage you should never ignore

• Cracked walls or ceilings

• Discoloration from water damage

• Walls that appear to be sagging or slanted

• Leaks

How to protect your home and your wallet with a Yukon Eagle furnace

Invest in a Yukon Eagle wood furnace to avoid the temptation to turn your thermostat off to save money when leaving for a long weekend. A Yukon Eagle wood furnace is a practical and cost-effective solution for saving money. You can control the temperature with a thermostat while not panicking about paying the bill. There is more at stake than a avoiding a costly heating bill. A cost-effective furnace could save more than a little grief; it could save your family and your home.

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