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The Woodchuck Add-on furnace line has the capacity to eliminate the unpleasantries of in-home wood burning. The Woodchuck is usually placed next to the present Central Heating unit instead of the main living area of the home. This means NO firewood, dirt, or bark to clean up, or hot surfaces to guard from small children.

Woodchuck offers the comfort of luxurious, even heat distributed throughout your home. The cost of oil and gas DOES NOT mean you must abandon or replace the central heating system designed for your home. After all, it's the oil and gas consumption we want to reduce, not the system.

Woodchuck design continues to set the standard for clean burning, trouble-free operation. The level of quality and durability build into all Woodchuck products is assured by the warranty printed in every owners manual. A complete line of models and a full range of options means you purchase only that which your particular central heating system requires.


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