Wood Stove Introduction

Wood stoves are small, cheap fireplaces. It can be built at the time of home construction or can be added later. They serve the purpose of both decoration and home heating. There are many benefits of wood stoves. They are great, safe, ecologically responsible and heat the entire house.

Wood Furnaces come in different designs as small, free standing structures with long, iron legs and elaborately designed bodies, featuring engravings and ornamentation. They have a pipe that can either go through the ceiling or through a wall to expel any unwanted smoke. Wood stoves can be a great addition to a living room or den.

Wood stoves are safe than other fireplaces, cooking stoves, or heaters that use gas. There is no risk of leaving the gas on and breathing deadly fumes or of starting a fire by lighting a match and igniting gas in the air. Wood stoves are easy to extinguish when they are not in use and the smoke goes through a pipe outside the house so that people inside do not have to breathe it. Wood stoves are sturdy enough so that they will not tip over and set the house on fire.

A well placed wood stove heats all of the different rooms, ensuring that everyone will be warm. They are ecologically responsible, means they do not use gasoline, coal or other nonrenewable resources. Wood is inexpensive, easy to find and can be replenished, unlike many other fuels.


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