Wood Stove Wall heat Shield

Wood Stove Wall Heat Shield

There are many different kinds of wood stoves. Some offer special features, some are designed to live outdoors and some are specifically geared to the eco-conscious. Out of all these wood stoves, many require a wood stove wall heat shield. If you have a wood stove or are buying one, it’s important to know if your furnace requires a heat shield. A wood stove produces a lot of heat and whenever there is fire involved the number one priority is to be safe. You’ll need to trust that when you leave your home or you and your family are sleeping, that your heat shield is safely and properly installed and that the heat of your furnace is contained and in control. In fact, if your home has a wood furnace, your home insurance company may have codes you need to follow. So, if you’re unsure if a furnace requires or has an external wall shield, the easiest way to find out is by checking the manual.

A wood stove wall heat shield sits between the wall and the furnace protecting your walls, floors and your home overall from damage. The way it works is pretty basic. Behind the shield, air circulates, reducing the level of heat that reaches the wall. These shields can be made of many fire-resistant materials but most commonly they are metal.

If you’re all about the safety but still want to add your own style, there are many options for adding a wall heat shield to your wood stove that is not so plain. If your wall shield is metal, explore other metal options that suit you best. Wall shields can even be dressed up with fire-resistant materials like stones, tiles and glass. As long as they are safe, your wall shield is your own. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that it does its job.

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