Types of Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are generally used for heating space and for cooking food. These are named so, as their source of fuel is wood or a wood derivative, in contrast to gas or electric stoves or radiators. There are three different types of wood stoves.

Catalytic Combustion Heaters.
This is intended to be built into stoves by the manufacturer and it is in the form of a ceramic honeycomb, coated with a metallic catalyst. The catalyst burner lowers the ignition point of smoke from 1300 oF to about 500 oF, allowing more of the smoke to burn before it leaves the stove. By burning the smoke, there is more complete combustion and less pollution.

Two Chamber Combustion Systems.
Has two separate combustion chambers in the same unit. Its purpose is to provide optimal conditions for the complete combustion of gases and charcoal formed during pyrolysis. Each of the chamber is fire bricked lined and has separate air inlets for primary and secondary combustion air. Wood combustion occurs in the bottom chamber, with primary combustion air being introduced underneath the grate and toward the back of the unit.

Pellet Stoves.
Earlier this type of stove was being used only in industries, nut now the design has been made small enough for home use. It is based on the fact that the stored, dry wood

pellets are fed few at a time into a burning chamber where, with the forced air, are burned at high temperatures. This gives the most efficient combustion for the wood used and results in very little smoke discharge. It does not require electricity to operate and the pellets are more expensive than cord wood. The stove is considered the most fire safe.)

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