Wood Pellet Stoves

Anyone who has had experience with the demanding nature of wood burning stoves is likely to have thought about pellet stoves as an alternative. These units use compressed wood pellets or, in some cases, corn and other alternative materials. The compressed nature of the fuel means that they burn for longer and require less maintenance. Another feature of the pellet stove is that it can have a feed mechanism to automatically release fuel into the unit over time. This lowers the amount of attention the stove requires from the homeowner, and allows them to spend more time enjoying the heat and less time creating it.

With the highest-grade pellets there is the added benefit of very little creosote being released into the chimney of the home. One of the issues of creosote is that is clings to the sides of the chimney shaft and can actually create fires in rare situations. People who are aware of these risks with wood fires know that this is a major advantage to pellet users, as much less time and money needs to be spent on inspecting and cleaning the chimney shaft.

Possibly the best benefit of all for pellet stove users is the fact that in most states they can benefit from tax credits for using this source of heating. This can be as much as 30% which, in addition to the savings already gained on heating bills, can really make a difference in the normal costs of heating the home. There is also no sales tax on the fuel in most states in the U.S.

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