Wood Furnaces

Find a Wood-Fired Furnace at an Unbeatable Price

Heating your home can be a large expense, especially in the colder months, which is why wood furnaces are becoming more popular. Wood furnaces use naturally occurring and renewable fuel sources to create year-round heat. The beauty of using wood as a heat source is that it can be bought or harvested for a very low cost, saving homeowners hundreds on their utility bills each year. With gas and oil prices constantly in flux and frequently on the rise, finding ways to save on your home heating costs isn’t just smart: It’s essential. Our reasonable wood furnace prices combined with the lowered heating costs a wood furnace offers can save you a bundle during the next cold season.

Even the best wood furnace requires some attention and maintenance. How much depends on the model you’re using. You can find a higher-end, super-efficient wood furnace for sale that can convert up to 90% of the fuel loaded into it into heat. This is achieved using multiple combustion areas where the smoke and ash are recycled and given another chance to be burned as fuel before being moved to the ash tray and smoke outlet. People who run these wood furnaces often see much less smoke coming from their chimneys. They also need to empty the ash tray much less frequently.

When people talk about wood furnaces, they often picture solid blocks of dry wood, but these systems can run on all types of wood products. A wood pellet furnace for sale here can run on condensed wood products that are easy to store and load. These pellet burners take smaller pieces of fuel and still provide the same warmth as a regular wood burner.

There are so many different types of furnaces, and we carry a huge selection, so we’re certain that you can find a wood furnace for sale in our inventory that will suit your exact needs. Whether you’re searching for a wood pellet furnace for sale or a forced-air furnace that can also run on coal, you can find what you need here. We carry all of the top brands at fantastic prices. Shop with us today and save on your home heating costs!

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