Wood Furnace Parts and Their Benefits

Furnace Parts

A wood furnace burns wood in a sealed firebox to heat an exchanger. These furnaces use wooden logs or pellets to produce heat as wood is an easily available natural resources which is easy to use, environment friendly and do not produce dangerous effects. With all the important wood furnace parts these furnaces operates on a very efficient principle. The water is heated in the furnace to its optimal heating temperature that is continuously sustained by means of automatic controls. This heated water through connected pipeline is then piped to the desired location and this particular transfer of water is more efficient than forced air. In a wood furnace there is a circulation pump installed which continuously circulates the heated water. This process provides proper heat distribution and the most important thing it ensures that the desired temperature for heating a room is always maintained.

Here are some of the important parts which are used in a wood furnace:

Heat Exchangers: These are an important part of wood furnace which transfers heat from one fluid to another or across to the solid surface. This process of transferring heat is made possible through a solid wall, which keeps the elements separated so they never mix or come in direct contact. There are certain types of heat exchangers like the water to water and water to air.

Circulator Isolation Flange: The particular part of wood furnace is the Circulator Isolation Flange (CIF) is flanged to work with most circulating pumps. This part easily isolates the circulator and eliminates the need to drain the system when pump repair or replacement is required. These are made of brass and are also used for potable water application. One will find these parts cheap as compared to the plain bronze flanges.

Gauges: Gauges are a must for all wood or coal burners and furnaces as it indicates and provides perfect readings regarding how hot the stove or the furnace is at a given point of time. It also helps in letting know the exact time of refueling. There are many models of gauges found in the market that offer the exact reading. This particular model works with a bimetal spring and includes a magnet and tapping screw to safely secure it to the stove or stovepipe. It’s a very efficient model that is designed to give optimum results all the time.

Thermostats: This particular part of a wood furnace is designed and engineered to offer outstanding performance for either heating or cooling. This product features a seal-in-glass switch which does not require any kind of leveling to quicken installation. Its dial range from 48 deg to 86 deg. A thermostat includes 25 inches of wire and connectors to mount to any millivolt valve.

Pex Tubing: PEX tubing is a cross-linked polyethylene tubing which is used as an important component of wood furnace. This tubing is used for a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing applications. These pex tubing limits oxygen permeation through the tubing wall in hydronic heating applications and further prevents corrosion of ferrous metal parts in the heating system.

These are some of the important parts and accessories used in installing a Wood Furnace.


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