Wood Furnace Firebrick

Wood Furnace Firebrick

Replacing Wood Furnace Firebrick

Wood Furnace Firebrick is an important part of your wood burning heating system. It helps to reduce pollutants by helping the wood burn more completely and efficiently. It also helps reduce the amount of wood needed to achieve the desired temperature, and helps to prevent damage to the steel sides of the furnace by helping to distribute the heat more evenly. In order to maintain your wood burning furnace’s efficiency and continue to prevent damage from extreme temperatures, it is important to replace firebrick as needed.

When To Replace Your Firebrick

Many times, you can use the same firebricks in your wood-burning furnace for several years without replacing them. However, the first place you should look for information about replacing your firebricks is the owner’s manual of your wood-burning furnace. That should give you an indication of how often to replace your firebrick. However, you should inspect your furnace prior to the burn season, and a few times during the season, for firebricks that are

• Broken, with loose pieces

• Cracked

• Deteriorating

Bricks that are broken apart or deteriorating into sediment need to be replaced immediately. However, bricks with only small thin cracks may need to only be watched for further damage unless it is nearly time to replace all of the bricks in the furnace.

How To Replace Your Firebricks

Replacing wood furnace firebrick may take some time, but it is generally not a complicated task. It usually only involves sliding the bricks out of their slots and then sliding the replacements back in. Special tools are usually not required. However, it is a good idea to wear grubby clothes and work gloves, and cover nearby surfaces with protective drop cloth since you are likely to come in contact with soot. As always, consult the owner’s manual for any more explicit instructions regarding your specific model.


Maintaining and routinely replacing your wood furnace firebrick can extend the life of your appliance and help your furnace to heat more evenly and efficiently.

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