Wood Furnace Door Handles

Wood Furnace Door Handles

Characteristics Of A Wood Furnace Door Handle

Regular maintenance of your wood-burning furnace is important for the safety, efficiency and life expectancy of the appliance. Sometimes the maintenance is routine or simple and can easily be done at home by the homeowner, even with limited experience. One part of maintaining your wood-burning furnace that may be a challenge is finding replacement parts. Finding replacement parts for wood furnaces, such as wood furnace door handles, is usually more successful at a retailer that specializes in wood burning appliances because these are made for a narrow scope of products. Door handles for wood furnaces are a specialized products. They must be made to fit a limited scope of products, while providing safety, and ease of use.

Heat Resistance

Door handles for wood furnaces must be safe for use. In order to prevent skin burns, they need to be designed in a way that they are cool to the touch even while a hot fire is burning inside of the furnace. This is usually accomplished by making the handles from sturdy materials that do not absorb heat well.

Tight Latch

Another aspect of safety with wood furnace door handles is the ability to latch tightly. The door of the furnace must be held shut tightly in order to prevent sparks and live coals from popping out through a tiny space between the furnace and the door of the furnace. Sparks and live coals can start accidental fires, and pose extreme danger and damage. A tight seal also helps prevent the backdraft of harmful carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases into the surrounding area.

Ease of Use

It is also important for wood furnace door handles to be easy to operate. Sometimes you may need to open the furnace at the same time your arms are holding wood fuel to dispense into the furnace. In this case it would be beneficial to have a door handle that opens with the use of one or two fingers.


Whenever you buy parts for your wood-burning furnace, be sure that they are the parts that are specifically designed for your model, in order to maintain safety and efficiency.

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