Wood Furnace Door

Wood Furnace Door

Characteristics Of An Effective Wood Furnace Door

A wood furnace door is specially designed to do its job. There are a few characteristics of wood furnace and stove doors that are worth noting. They must be able to

• Seal completely when shut

• Withstand extreme temperatures

• Be large enough to load wood fuel

• Have a handle that remains cool to the touch even while the stove is working

Seal Completely

A wood furnace door must be able to completely seal when it is shut. This encourages air flow in the proper direction from the air intake through the burn box and up through the chimney. It helps prevent harmful carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases from escaping into the surrounding living space and creating a safety hazard. Many if not most wood burning appliances accomplish this with the help of stove gasket. Gasket looks much like a rope. It is resistant to burning and is adhered to the outline of the door opening to help plug any spaces or gaps that may potentially allow live coals or sparks to escape into the surrounding area.

Resist Extreme Temperatures

Furnace doors are also made to withstand the high burn temperatures of a wood furnace without becoming damaged or misshapen. Common materials for this application are treated glass, and specific metals. With glass, you’ll be able to see into the furnace to judge whether or not it needs refueling without having to open the door.

Be Large Enough To Load Fuel

A wood furnace door must be large enough for an operator to load large pieces of wood. Typical wood fuel is about 8” wide x about 20-24” long. If the furnace is sufficiently deep, you will only need an opening that can handle the width, plus some extra wiggle room.

Heat Resistant handle

The other very important factor for a wood-burning furnace door is a cool-touch handle. Without this, a user will inevitably incur serious burn injuries.

As you can see, the door of a wood furnace is an important component in a wood burning system.

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