Wood Cook Stoves

Wood Cook Stove is a stove powered by wood instead of any another fuel. Earlier, all stoves were wood powered, but no modern stoves are fueled either by electricity, natural gas or propane.

Wood cook stoves are large designed structures and are similar to conventional stoves. They have the oven at the bottom and cooking ranges on the top of the oven. Wood cook stoves are made of high quality cast iron for durability. Cast iron can tolerate the heat produced by the fire and will not show external signs of wear and tear. The wood fire heats both the oven and the cooking ranges.

Wood cook stoves are mainly used for energy conservation. Wood is cheaper than gas or electricity. People can use their own wood, or they can buy firewood from a store. Many people use wood cook stoves in order to remain completely self-sufficient. They fuel the stove with wood from their property and not even have to use electricity.

Many people like the flavor and taste of food cooked over wood. A large number of restaurants use wood cook stoves to prepare their food. Food cooked over wood has a more natural and distinct flavor than wood cooked with gas or electricity. Wood cook stoves are a great alternative to conventional gas or electric stoves. They save energy and can make food taste much better.

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