Wood Chip Furnace

Wood Chip Furnace works as a gasification burner. It burns completely both the fuel used, as well as the gases contained in the fuel. It burns so cleanly that there is essentially no visible smoke or debris coming out of the unit.

The Wood Chip Furnace home burner is a gasifier unit, that is able to reduce particulate emissions, and so burns green woods, pellets, chips, Sawdust, Cherry pits, Corn cobs, Wood 'Slash', Wheat husks and virtually any green fuel.

Wood fuel, such as pellets, can be obtained from retail outlets, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Wood chips and sawdust can be picked up from many mills or dump sights (where road crews have had to pay to dispose of perfectly good fuel). Non-standard fuels, such as wheat husks or corn cobs may be sold by farms.

Wood Chip Furnace can also be used with any of the existing wood boiler or oil burner. It is designed in such a way that yet some fitting and positioning is required and either you or a trained technician will need to make sure that the unit is fitted properly to eliminate air leaks, which can reduce the unit's efficiency.

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