Wonderwood Stove

Wonderwood Stove

Live The Good Life On A Good Budget With A Thermostat Controlled Wonderwood Heater

There have been an increasing number of people who don’t want to be wasteful. They have given up full-size homes to live in cabins without hot water. Many who live in cities are starting urban gardens to make better use of apartment patios and rooftops. There is an increasing movement to better utilize space. After thousands of large houses were foreclosed on, some realized that maybe space wasn’t the answer. Instead of having a certain number of square feet, you can utilize small spaces more efficiently to get the same, if not a better, quality of life. For example, you can use a thermostat controlled wood burning circulator (e.g. a Wonderwood stove) as an economic alternative to traditional kitchen appliances and HVAC systems. Instead of investing in a top-of-the-line oven and stovetop that many home cooks hardly touch, invest in a thermostat wood burning circulator that can save you space, money, and even time.

A smart alternative

A thermostat controlled circulator can solve a lot of problems. First, many wood burning circulators can effectively heat a 1,700 square foot room. The thermostat can make a wood burning circulator even more versatile than a quality replacement for an HVAC system. The thermostat can also allow the wood burning stove to function much like an electric stovetop, with a simple cooking attachment. A Wonderwood heater won’t be an adequate substitute for a professional gas range. But, do you identify with being a top chef or a good home cook?

Cost of living

Many Americans found their retirement plans thwarted when the economy took a turn for the worse. Some had dreams of relaxing in a mountain community but found that they could not keep up with the costs associated with living in a traditional home. Instead of despairing, think outside the box. Ask yourself the following:

• How many bedrooms does a couple with no children need?

• How much would I actually miss my large kitchen appliances?

• Could a Wonderwood stove actually be better?

• Would I feel lonely in a 6,500 square foot mansion?

• Would I want to pay the electric bill for said mansion?

• How much carpet will I really want to vacuum in the future?

• What matters the most to me?

Creating space and comfort

Typically, people do not like to stuff themselves inside a cluttered house. Instead of paying for more space, find creative ways to make better use of your space, such as utilizing a Wonderwood stove. And, you never know. You might find that a small electric bill and fewer household chores are well worth living in a more humble home.

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