Wonderluxe Wood Stove

Wonderluxe Wood Stove

Thermostat Controlled Dual Fuel Circulator Heaters: The Ultimate HVAC System Supplement

Traditional HVAC systems have their place. Burning natural gas or using electric heat is great in large buildings such as larger apartment buildings and office buildings. Also, you probably are going to have minimal luck trying to heat a skyscraper with more traditional heaters that require chimneys. However, you can have the best of both worlds in many single family homes. You can have the comfort of being able to adjust a thermostat as well as the energy and money saving benefits of using a dual fuel circulator heater for a primary heat source. Be sure to purchase a model such as Wonderluxe Wood Stove/Circulator from a reputable company.

Cost of heat

A heater that can utilize both coal and wood has a number of benefits. Both coal and wood are cheap. Plus, maintenance is minimal. Maintaining a Wonderluxe wood stove/circulator typically involves hiring a qualified inspector such as a chimney sweep annually. Alternatively, a traditional HVAC system usually is only maintained after it fails. The cost of repairing a traditional HVAC system can be more of a gamble. Plus, you can find yourself in much more of a bind when you are living in a home without any heat during a cold snap. Other complications of a broken heating system can arise, including burst pipes. Before you know it, you could have multiple repair bills totaling thousands of dollars. Also, who doesn’t want to save up to several hundred dollars every winter? Depending on multiple variables, you could be spending much more than you need to on heat.

The versatility of a thermostat controlled dual fuel circulator heater

You can use your dual fuel heater in the following ways:

• Supplement your existing HVAC system to save money; the thermostat feature on a Wonderluxe wood stove/circulator will allow you to keep your house at a comfortable temperature

• Use your dual fuel heater as a backup system in the even your HVAC system fails

• Save money by being eco-friendly

Bring your family together

You don’t have to ditch your old heating system altogether. Instead, you can view investing in a dual fuel circulator heater as backup. Have you ever noticed that your family tends to gravitate towards one room in your home? One of the biggest benefits of investing in a dual fuel heater is that you can use both wood and coal as a heat source. Coal is cheap, and sometimes piling wood in your backyard might not be a viable option. Make your home warm and inviting during winter months. Instead of battling with your spouse and children to save money on the heating bill, make a long-term investment in a Wonderluxe dual fuel circulator.

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