Wondercoal Stove Parts

Wondercoal Stove Parts

A Guide To Getting The Wondercoal Stove Parts You Need

Latches and thimbles and flues . . . oh, my! These are just a few of the Wondercoal stove parts that you may need for installation that are not included with your new stove. You may also need floor protectors, a chimney connector and a radiation shield. Here are a few tips to get the right parts and help you install your new stove.

Read The Box

Usually, any additional Wondercoal stove parts that are required for installation are listed on the box (if you are shopping at a retail store) or in the product description (if you are shopping online). It is a good idea to purchase all of these parts at the same time. Having all of the parts on the same receipt makes it easier to prove that you installed the stove correctly and keep your warranty intact.

Read The Instructions

Once you have the stove at home, read the installation instructions thoroughly BEFORE you actually install anything. Each home has its own unique characteristics that may require a few more parts for installation. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that you have everything on hand.

Take Inventory

You will also want to take inventory of the Wondercoal stove parts that were included in the box. Make sure you have everything, including the correct number of machined screws to the grate frame. If you are missing anything it should be replaced free of charge.

Make A List

If you do happen to be missing anything or simply need a few additional parts, make a list that includes the following information:

• Quantity

• Part Number

• Part Description

• Model Number

• Serial Number

All of this information is usually included on a parts list page in the manual. Including all of the information will make it easier remember exactly how many and what you need, ensuring that you don’t make a mistake such as transposing one of the digits.

Register Your Product

It is always a good idea to take a few minutes to register your new stove; there are many benefits to doing so. One of the primary advantages to registering your product is that you will be notified in the event that one of the Wondercoal stove parts happens to be recalled and you will have the opportunity to have it repaired or replaced before others. It may also be necessary to register your stove within a certain time period for the warranty to be in effect. This can potentially save you money on parts in the event that something breaks or malfunctions.

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