Thermo Control Model 200 Wood Furnace

Thermo Control Model 200 Wood FurnaceThermo Control Model 200 Wood Furnace
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Achieve The Highest Efficiency With Your Thermo Control Wood Furnace

Are you considering the purchase of a Thermo Control 200 wood furnace? If you are, then you might be interested in learning that there are some things you can do in order to achieve the maximum wood burning efficiency from your indoor wood furnace.

1. Understand Your Indoor Wood Furnace

This important step will help you to identify how much heating you can expect, how to best position your furnace for efficiency, and how you can best maintain the efficiency of your furnace. Specifications such as the size, BTU rating, and size of the firebox all show information that you may find useful. (The Thermo Control 200 is 38L by 25W by 41H, with up to 70,000 BTU, and the firebox is 21D by 18W by 18H.) By paying careful attention to the dimensions of the firebox, you will be able to determine the correct amount and sizes of wood fuel. Other dimensions would be equally informative.

2. Check the Smoke and Emissions Coming from Your Furnace

If you experiment with a few different rates of burning, then you can watch the type and amount of smoke that is being released at each rate. Ideally, you won't see any smoke; this lack of smoke shows that the furnace is burning clean.

3. Choose a Furnace of the Right Size

The Thermo Control 200 wood furnace has the capacity to heat up to 1,200 square feet. Compare this number to the square feet of home that you wish to heat. Choosing a furnace which is too big will waste fuel and a wood furnace which is too small won't have the ability to comfortably warm your home. Working with the furnace retailer, you'll be able to determine the furnace size that is most appropriate for the size of your home and your daily needs.

4. Winter-proof your home.

While the performance of the Thermo Control 200 wood furnace can cover your heating needs, you will still find that winter-proofing your home improves the efficiency of the furnace and lowers your heating costs. You can add insulation, attach weather stripping, install storm windows, and research other methods of tightening up your home. The extra steps that you take will reduce the amount of work that the furnace has to do and may prolong its life expectancy while reducing your costs.

The Thermo Control Wood Furnace

The warm air furnaces from Thermo Control are stand-alone units or could be used to support your existing furnace. With a wall-mounted thermostat and a controllable fan/blower, you'll be able to conveniently control the level of warmth you need for your personal comfort.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Features Alloy Steel for vital parts
Low Emissions and high efficiency design.
Tested to UL Standards 391, 737 and 1482, ETLM standard 78-1
BTU's of wood cost much less than oil, gas, or electric heat
Automatic electric control damper
Large Firebox for long burn time
Not approved for use in mobile or modular homes
Not available for sale in WA and CA
UPC: 200
Manufacturer Warranty

Full 10 year warranty

View Manual for details

Materials and Labor included

Additional Information No
Product Manual
Key Specs
Item# 200
Blower Included Yes
Full Load Run Time 15 Hours
Net Weight 320.00 lbs.
Product Type Furnace
Heating Capability (sq. ft.) 1,200
Mobile Home Approved No
BTU Output Up To 70,000
Fuel Type Wood
Max Log Size(Inches) 20"
Fire Box Dimensions W X H X D (in.) 18" X "18 X 22"
Fire Door Size(in.) 12" X 12"
Flue Size(in.) 6"
Furnace Dimensions W x D x H (in.) 25", 41", 38"

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