Vogelzang Wood Stoves

Alternate Ways to Heat Your Space

Winter can be a difficult season if you live in an area that is subject to very cold temperatures, yet you enjoy spending time in a room that gets little or no heat. No one likes having to put on a coat and gloves just to go tinker around indoors in a workshop, garage, shed, or storage unit. Electric space heaters often have a very limited square footage coverage and are not very energy efficient. In addition, the way space heaters are sometimes designed can pose potential safety hazards in some circumstances. If you have access to an alternate heating energy, such as wood, you should consider purchasing a Vogelzang wood stove for that cold space of yours. Making your area more climate-controlled all year long can mean greater productivity, or more time to enjoy a favorite hobby. If you are a mechanic, a heated garage can mean extra hours afforded to finally restoring that great old classic car that has been taking up space in your garage for far too long.

Vogelzang Wood Burning Stoves

Unlike some fireplaces, which are more for display than actual warmth, Vogelzang wood stoves are designed specifically for maximum heat production. Don't think for a second that means sacrificing good looks; Vogelzang wood stoves are not only functional, but look great, too. Whether you prefer that vintage potbelly stove look, or you would rather get to look directly at the fire through a glass door, there is a Vogelzang stove for you. Vogelzang wood stoves come in numerous sizes to suit any room, allowing for the most efficient use of your wood. Some models are specifically made to encourage the logs to burn both from underneath as well as from above, which optimizes the logs and ensures that as much of the log as possible will be converted to heat. In some instances, the Vogelzang wood stoves may even be able to burn coal in addition to wood. For more information on individual Vogelzang wood stoves, be sure to read the thorough product descriptions available right here at Wood Furnaces!

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