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Maintaining Your Vogelzang Wood Stove

Your Vogelzang wood stove is a wonderful long-term investment; with proper care and occasional maintenance, it should operate effortlessly for many years. However, parts may wear out over time, which can cause inconsistencies in burn time, or even decreased energy efficiency. Other problems can create dirt or discoloration on the glass door. After determining how to solve your problem, you may need to order Vogelzang parts from the website to get things burning correctly once more.

Dirty Glass Door

If you find yourself constantly cleaning your stove’s glass door, there can be several ways to fix this. First, ensure that the logs are positioned appropriately far away from the glass. If the logs are too close to the door, you may be inadvertently obstructing the stove’s airflow. Keeping this airflow fully open and engaged is required to keep the glass as clean as possible. Other problems may include wood that is not properly dried and seasoned, or a weak chimney draft. Replacement Vogelzang parts will probably not need to be ordered.

Not Enough Heat

If you have noticed that you just aren’t getting as much heat out of your Vogelzang stove as you used to, this can be due to several factors—none of which necessarily have to do with the stove itself. Just as with dirty glass doors, if you do not use properly dried wood, this can result in poorer burning, which in turn results in lower heat production. Logs that are too large for the oven may have the same effect. If you are positive you have good wood, take a look at the air control mechanism and see if it is appropriately opened. Remember that you need to get a very strong fire burning before closing the air control altogether.


Your Vogelzang should not produce smoke that comes out of the front of the stove. If you have had your oven for some time and have noticed smoke consistently escaping from the unit, your chimney might be too cold, or other devices in the room might be interfering with airflow. If you cannot locate the source of the problem, contact Vogelzang to advise you on whether Vogelzang parts may need to be ordered.

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