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Just the Facts: Outdoor Wood Furnaces

There are many different opinions and viewpoints on outdoor wood furnaces. Whether it has to do with cost effectiveness, environmental impact or safety, you can find two sides the story everywhere you turn. Buying a wood furnace could be the smartest thing you do, so hopefully this article will help dispel some of the myths about outdoor wood furnaces.

Outdoor wood furnaces are economical

If you want to contest this one and keep paying the price of rising fossil fuels or ridiculous electric bills, be my guest. The truth is wood heating can be an amazingly cost-effective way to heat one’s home, especially if you can find a way to save on wood. Take that cost out of the equation and you could be heating your house for free.

Outdoor wood furnaces are eco-friendly

Burning wood actually releases less harmful emissions into the air than other standard forms of heating. When carbon is released by gas or oil, it enters the atmosphere. When wood is burned, young trees absorb most of the carbon, making it much healthier for the planet. Plus, using wood lessens our dependence on fossil fuels and electricity, which means less energy used and fewer emissions released by machines and power plants.

Outdoor wood furnaces are safe

Unlike indoor wood furnaces, outdoor wood furnaces take the fire out of the home. As well as, any chances for carbon buildup, smoke and other fumes that could spread throughout. Despite the fact that today’s modern indoor wood stoves are much safer than ever before, these are the reasons why an outdoor wood furnace is considered by many to be the safest way to heat with wood.

Installing outdoor wood furnaces is hard

If you’re installing an outdoor wood furnace yourself, you may need someone with some more experience, though it’s not something that can’t be done. The best and safest way to install one is with a professional. Respected manufacturers like Thermo-Control Heating are renown for helping their customers figure out the right stove, where it should go and will help install it safely and securely for a fair price. They are also a huge help if you decide to add on any additional functions to your furnace by finding the thermo control furnace parts you need and getting you set up right.

If you think you might be ready for a change, don’t let rumors change your mind. Ask around, do more research online or talk to someone in a local store to figure out if an outdoor wood furnace is for you.

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