Royall Furnace Parts

Royall Furnace Parts

A Guide for Wood Furnace First Timers

There's no doubt that a wood furnace can save you money and makes a charming addition to your home. However, using one can be a bit daunting at first if you don't have any experience dealing with them. Fret not future furnace guru, here are some tips to help you ease into heating your home with a wood stove.

Tip 1 - Woods of Wisdom

If your buying wood from a local business, it's usually recommended to buy wood a full season ahead and use a tarp to keep it covered. If you're grabbing an axe Paul Bunyan style, you need to know that freshly chopped wood needs to dry out before it burns properly and that process can take anywhere between 1-2 years.

Tip 2 - Light My Fire

Knowing how to properly start a fire in a wood stove will help you build a fire that will last. Plus you won't look foolish when you have guests over. Loosely roll up pieces of newspaper, add kindling and/or fire starters on top of the paper and light it. Once the fire is going well, throw a few logs on there.

Tip 3 - Accessorize

Between scooping out ashes and loading wood, you might wonder if the hassle is even worth the lower heating bill. Before you start pricing other more costly oil or gas heating systems, you should know that there are great parts and accessories to help make life with your wood furnace easier.

Along with their high quality furnaces, Royall is a company that makes some really great products that do just that. Here are a few Royall Furnace parts as an example:

Royall Ash Pan

This pan allows you to remove ash without having to put your hand in the firebox, making it safer and resulting in less mess.

Fire Brick

These bricks line the furnace and are able to radiate large amounts of heat even when the fire has gone out.

Spring Handles

Another great add-on that works great and looks cool are these door handle covers so you can open and close the door without getting burned.

Royall Log Hook

This handy hook is a great solution for anyone with a bad back. Easily transport big logs into your furnace with less effort and pain.

Overall, a wood burning heat system will save you money and make your home feel cozier. Follow these tips and you'll find it's well worth it.

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