Royall Wood Furnace

Royall Wood Furnace

Wood Boiler Basics

Tired of spending too much money on gas, oil or electric heat? Consider switching to an outside wood boiler and soon you and your family will be as toasty as you want to be at a fraction of the cost. This article will share with you how a wood boiler works, some tips to using one wisely, and where you might want to look for one for your home.

How it works

Despite what the name says, an outside wood boiler doesn’t boil water. What it does do is heat the water to an average of 165 degrees and is then transferred through pipes into your home. If you’re wondering what good a bunch of hot water will do you that’s where the heat exchanger comes in. Using the hot water, a heat exchanger works with your existing heating system to spread the heat throughout your home. If your heating system is unable to work with a wood boiler, you may want to look into a forced air wood boiler.

How Much Wood

Deciding on how much wood to use for a first timer can be really tough. Depending on the size, you can stock your boiler full of wood only once or twice a day. The problem with that is your wood may not burn as efficiently and you may experience more smoke, which can sometimes cause issues with neighbors or other people in your neighborhood. Many experts recommend adding wood more often in smaller batches if possible. This will maximize your wood’s burn time and reduce the amount of smoke released. Of course, if you don’t want to keep adding wood, there are other things you can do to reduce smoke, like install a fan at the bottom vent or lower the overall temperature of your boiler.

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