Wood Stove Replacement Parts

Wood Stove Replacement Parts

Wood Stove Replacement Parts

An Overview Of Wood Stove Replacement Parts

When you have a wood stove, you want it to keep your home nice and toasty warm during the winter months. This is particularly true if it is your only source of heat in the home, so when something is broken, damaged, or missing and you are unable to use the stove, it’s crucial that you get the right wood stove parts right away to get it back in working order. Your wood stove probably has many critical components, and it’s important to find a place where you can get all the replacement parts you need.


Not all wood stoves come with blowers, but if you have one in your model, or if you wish to add one to your model, it can be a great way to disseminate the heat from your wood stove into the surrounding rooms and throughout your home. A blower is a critical component to distribute that heat because it forces the hot air away from the unit. Some of the different types of blowers you can get include:

• Centrifugal

• Transflo

• C-Frame

You can also get different types of fan blades, and different size motors depending on how much power you want your blower to have, and how far you need it to distribute the heat.

Electrical Parts

Your wood stove also likely has a significant amount of electrical components that help it operate properly when any one of these is out of commission, it can affect your ability to properly control the temperature and heat distribution. Some of the main components included in the electrical system of your wood stove are:

• Rheostats

• Switches

• Thermodiscs

• Power Cords

• Capacitors

These components control things like the ability to control the amount of electrical current flowing through the wood stove, change the fan speed and blower, and control the temperature by switching the unit off when it reaches a certain temperature.

Catalytic Combustors

These devices are designed to help your wood stove burn cleaner emissions by forcing smoke to re-burn in the catalytic combustor before it goes up and out through the chimney. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these devices have been shown to increase the amount of heat your wood stove will emit into the home, all while using less firewood. These units are available for most stove brands, and are measured in terms of “cells per square inch”.

Other Parts

There are several other parts that you can purchase for a wood stove, including:

• Paint – both for the pipes, and high temperature paint for the wood stove itself

• Gaskets

• Sealants

• Glass & Mica – you can get this cut to certain specifications

• Grates

• Firedogs or Andirons

• Accessories such as leg kits, hinges, springs, and trim

No matter what brand of wood stove you have, there are replacement parts that can help you fix it, improve it, and get it back into working order so it can keep you and your family nice and warm.

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