Wood Furnace and Stove Manufacturer Parts

Wood Furnace and Stove Manufacturer Parts

Wood Furnace and Stove Manufacturer Parts

You Decided to Switch to Wood Burning Heating

If you’ve decided to join the rising numbers of Americans replacing their fossil fuel or electric heating source with a wood-burning stove or furnace, you’re getting a great new alternative to heat your home and should see a significant drop in your heating bills. However, like any big decisions we make, it’s best to be prepared. This article will share some tips on how you can make the most out of your decision.

Inside or Outside

Decide where you want to put the wood furnace first. Many people assume a wood stove or furnace needs to be inside the home but this is not the case. Though the added atmospheric quality of having a wood stove in your home is a big appeal, there is also a risk (though very small) of fire and additional clean up involved with in interior wood heater. An outside wood heater performs just as well but you lose that ambience an indoor stove offers and adding wood requires a step outside. However, many people prefer to have the fire out of their homes for peace of mind and less clean up. Both have their pros and cons. You should decide what your preference is before you start looking.

Getting Wise About Wood

If you haven’t had much experience heating with wood, your first step is to get started on building a proper woodpile. The best thing to do is buy enough seasoned wood (or dry wood) to last the cold seasons along with another season worth of green wood. Green wood is wood that has been cut more recently and still requires a year of drying out so that it will burn properly and more efficiently. You can save a lot of money going to someone local and buying up green wood for the next season. Once you have your wood, you need to know how to start a fire so it won’t flame out after a few minutes.

Know Your Manufacturer

Before you buy a car, you research the make, model and gas mileage right? So why treat an investment like a wood heater or furnace differently? Learn about the best quality manufacturers and what general pricing is so you find the best deal. Or if you go into a store, go in with a working knowledge of the products so you can be sure you are being treated fairly. One major plus about buying a stove from a known manufacturer is that it’s much easier to find stove and furnace parts by manufacturer than individual companies.

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