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Outdoor Boilers For Home Heating: Royall Boiler 6300Outdoor Boilers For Home Heating: Royall Boiler 6300
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The New And Improved Outdoor Boilers for Home Heating

Outdoor boilers for home heating, and many other structures on a residential properly. Boilers are located outside the home, and are separate from the area that is to be heated. Fires created inside the fireboxes of the wood boiler heat water, which is then moved into the home through pipes that are run under the ground. Some controversy surrounds the outdoor wood boiler, but new technology has made these products much more efficient and less of a nuisance.

Previous Problems

Old wood boilers create a dense smoke that would bother any neighbors who were located nearby the boiler. Many residents complained of the nuisance of the smoke, and all cited health factors as a reason not to use outdoor wood boilers. New outdoor boilers for home heating, such as the Royall boiler 6300, burn gases from the wood more completely before releasing the smoke into the air. Heat from the fire is also extracted more efficiently, which creates less smoke in the burning process. With the increased efficiency of the Royall boiler 6300 and other outdoor wood boilers, consumers burn less wood because the boilers have been made to burn wood so efficiently. This translates into money saved for every owner, and less complaints from neighbors about annoying and unhealthy smoke from the product.

New Boilers Lessen Health Risk

Wood smoke can be hazardous to those who inhale it regularly, so it's important for each owner to know how to burn wood in a way that minimizes the smoke give-off from the boiler. If you have an older wood boiler, and would like to more efficiently burn wood and keep the environment healthy, the best thing to do is to purchase a newer model outdoor wood boiler. While the investment may seem large up front, you will save money on the cost of wood, and your home will be heated more efficiently. The added bonus is that your neighbors will thank you when their windows are open and the air is smoke-free.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Features One unit to heat multiple buildings
Proven performance for over 35 years
Products for years of Trouble free service
Easy to use and maintain
Built to ASME Code
Made in USA
Flue Size: 6 Inch
Fuel door is 17 X 17 inches
Manufacturer Warranty

1 year on cast iron components

2 year on steel Components

Additional Information No
Product Manual No
Key Specs
Item# 6300
Ship Weight 1950.00 lbs.
Firebox Capacity (Cubic Ft.) 17.7
Product Type Outdoor Wood Boiler
Heating Capability (sq. ft.) Up to 7,000
BTU Output Up to 300,000
Fuel Type Wood
Max. Log Size Accepted (L in.) 43
Depth (in.) 68
Width (in.) 44
Height (in.) 72
Water Capacity (gal) 135

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