Outdoor Wood Stoves

Why Wood Stove are Better Outdoors

It’s widely believed that replacing your gas or electric heating source can save you a decent amount of money in the long term. For this reason, more and more people are making the decision to switch. However, there is one major decision that needs to be made before anyone installs a wood stove and that’s whether or not you want it indoors or outdoors. This article will share with you the reasons why an outdoor wood stove is a better option.


Fires caused from a heating source account for 36% of residential home fires. That means if you have a wood stove inside your home, you could be putting your family and home in danger, no matter how safe you think your stove is. Using an outdoor wood stove will ensure there are no heating induced fires and/or explosions in your home. On top of removing the threat of fire, an outdoor wood stove will eliminate carbon monoxide and harmful gases and fumes being released inside, which can be just as deadly as fire, if not more.


While an indoor wood stove can provide a charming ambience to one’s décor, an outdoor stove performs just as well, if not better, than an indoor wood stove. If you live in a smaller home or the room where your wood stove needs to go is limited in space, having it outdoors gives you the same heating benefits without taking up much needed space. Plus it won’t dry out the air, a common complaint among many indoor wood stove owners. Another perk to having your wood stove outside is that it can heat multiple buildings, like a garage, shed or barn.


Let’s be honest, on a cold day, you’d rather grab a log off a pile of wood in the comfort of your home. This may be the biggest drawback to outdoor wood furnaces. However, most modern stoves burn longer and more efficiently than ever before and require less trips to the woodpile. And though being able to add wood inside seems like a good idea, you need to consider the clean up that goes along with that. Ash and soot will need to continually be cleaned from your floors along with your walls, which the smoke can discolor.

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