Multi-Fuel Stoves

There are many considerations to be had when thinking about purchasing multi-fuel stoves. These units are designed so that the operator can burn either wood or coal on the unit, and feature a grate that allows for this to happen. Most people who consider these types of stove do so for the flexibility it offers, but there are also some things to consider that may dissuade a person from choosing this type of burner.

The first, most important thing to note about multi-fuel stoves is that they are designed for wood and coal. Coal is a material that burns well but can do harm to the environment, as it releases carbon dioxide which can contribute to climate change. Those who are concerned about their carbon footprint may not be satisfied with this and might wish to consider a better alternative such as water stoves or simple wood furnaces.

The other consideration when looking at combination stoves is the efficiency levels. Wood stoves burn most effectively when done so on a pile of ash, and due to the nature of a multiple fuel unit, this is not possible for the wood portion of the stove. Instead, a grate is used to allow the air intake to reach the fuel, and so ash is collected in a pan below this grate. Because of this, the efficiency of combination units when compared to single fuel stoves is often much worse. People who value efficiency over flexibility will most likely do better with a wood stove.

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