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Buying spare miscellaneous parts for wood and coal stoves is something that doesn’t need to happen very often. Especially in the last few years, coal and wood burners have advanced so much to the point that they rarely need servicing or parts replacing and when they do, there are few parts to buy. Getting them is fairly easy, as web catalogs allow for easy browsing and searching for the right makes and models.

Anyone who lives somewhere with an extreme climate will agree that the winter poses a serious threat to any type of heating facility. A boiler or furnace that may not have been used during the summer or fall could have some issues from the previous season waiting to make themselves known, or there may just be trouble starting it when the time comes. This is why it is always a good idea to keep miscellaneous parts in stock so that there are no awful surprises at the least suitable time. Seasoned wood, coal and pellet users also recommend getting in spare blowers, motors and fans. When a boiler breaks down, it could be days or weeks until the repair can be sourced, dispatched and delivered to the location. This could even be longer if the location is remote enough.

It is never a bad idea to do a check of the furnace before the time comes to switch it back on to check the health of the system. This includes making sure it is clean, checking that the fan spins correctly, checking any gaskets and air ducts to make sure there are no leaks or blockages and ensuring that the yearly servicing is up to date. Some people also recommend firing up the equipment to make sure that it sounds normal and operates as it should.

There are some resources online for doing a general healthy check of the boiler as an extra check to the normal servicing. Many miscellaneous parts suppliers can also offer information on the expected lifespan of their equipment and what to look for in faulty or broken parts. Running the system when it is experiencing problems can put strain on the parts and cause the system to sustain further damage, so it is not a good idea to do this without first checking the health of all the parts involved.

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