Magnum Wood Furnace Parts

Magnum Wood Furnace Parts

Understanding the Parts of your Magnum

Your wood furnace may save you more money than other heaters but like every mechanical thing, there may come a time when you need to replace a part or two. When that time comes, having a general idea of what the parts are on your furnace and where you can find them can be a huge help. Today, most furnace companies sell parts online making it easier than ever to get the ones you need. To show you just how easy it is, let’s use Magnum furnace parts as an example. Their website makes it really easy to find parts for their products.

Electrical Components

These parts usually deal with anything electrical, including power cords and thermometers. You’ll also find heat sensor kits to read heat levels and auto igniters for an easier way to start a fire in the firebox.

Motors and Blowers

Here you'll find fan kits, exhaust parts and motors for your Magnum. Motors and blowers mostly regulate heat levels, circulate hot air to other rooms and help control combustion gases to make sure there are no issues starting your furnace.

Control Panels

Control panels or control boards make it easier for you to control and regulate different parts of your wood furnace. Much like the controls on an electric heating thermostat or an air conditioner.


Most wood stoves have a glass pane on the door, not only to provide a charming glow to your home but also to give you a better idea when you need to add wood to the fire. If the glass breaks or you just want to replace it, you want to make sure it will stand up to the intense heat and pressure of a wood furnace so you should always buy from a wood furnace site or dealer.


If you’re looking for nuts and bolts for your wood furnace, including clips, spacers, etc, you want to check out the hardware section. If you can’t find a specific part in any of the other sections you might want to check here first.

Structural Components

This area usually deals with what makes up the frame or exterior parts of your wood furnace. Things like lids, filters, tubes, etc. You’ll also find related hardware here like brackets and hinges.


There are lots of items that can be found in the accessories category. For most wood furnace websites, this is the place to find products for upgrading your wood furnace for different functions, cleaning it, or making it easier for you to use or maintain.

There are no products listed under this category.