Magnum Countryside Pellet Stove Parts

Magnum Countryside Pellet Stove Parts

Benefits Of A Magnum Pellet Stove

Are you tired of dealing with an inflated gas bill every time it gets cold outside? In the winter months your furnace has to work harder and as a result your gas bills can skyrocket. If you have been trying to find a more efficient way to heat your home, a Magnum pellet stove may be exactly what you are looking for. Some of the benefits of a pellet stove include:

• Easy to use

• Minimum smoke

• Space-saving

Easy to Use

Compared to some other types of wood-burning stoves, magnum pellet stove parts are quite easy to use. Rather than cutting down your own pieces of wood to size like a regular wood-burning stove, you only have to load up small pre-cut pellets into your pellet stove and then light it. Also, because wood pellets are highly-compressed and are designed to burn for a long time, you won’t need to re-load your pellet stove often. In fact, depending on the model of your pellet stove you may only need to load it once or twice per day to provide all-day warmth inside your home.

Minimum Smoke

Wood pellets have very low moisture content because they are so highly-compressed and are made from very dry recycled materials. Because they are so dry, they create hotter flames and burn very cleanly. Magnum pellet stove parts are also designed to keep the flame within a little heat box, so they release much less smoke than a typical fireplace. This will keep the air in your home clean and will prevent the smell of unpleasant smoke in your home. You may also want to purchase a clean burn additive for your pellet stove that is made from corn and produces an even more efficient and clean fire than regular wood pellets.


Magnum pellet stove parts are quite small when compared to some other types of wood-burning stoves, so they don’t take up as much space in your home. Even the pellets that they use for fuel are compact and come in bags that are easily stored. So if you don’t have room in your home to store large amounts of firewood, a pellet stove may be a better choice for your family.

How to Make Your Pellet Stove Fire-Safe

If you are hiring professionals to come and install your Magnum pellet stove parts for you, you should be quite confident that they will install it in the proper way so that there is no risk of your new stove causing a fire in your home. If you are installing your own pellet stove, it is imperative that you carefully read your owner’s manual so that the preparation and installation process is done correctly. Here are a few things you need to take note of when you are preparing to install your own pellet stove:

• Your stove must have an adequate source of fresh air.

• You must have a surge protector for your stove.

• Your stove must be connected to a grounded power source of 120 Volts.

• You must always unplug your stove before working on the Magnum pellet stove parts.

• Never run the power cord through a high-traffic area or beneath heavy furniture.

• Keep flammable liquids far away from your pellet stove.

• Install the unit on a non-combustible, level area.

• Install an operating smoke detector in the same room as your pellet stove.

If you follow the above instructions and all other directions carefully, you will soon be able to enjoy the safe and efficient heat of your new pellet stove.

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