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Magnum Pellet Stove Online

What You Should Know About Your Pellet Stove

If you have recently purchased a pellet stove or you are currently shopping for the right model, you have made a very wise decision. Not only are pellet stoves very efficient, but they also burn very cleanly so you don’t have to worry about polluting the air in your home. Also, depending on the model of stove that you purchase, you may have the choice of burning either regular wood pellets or corn pellets. This flexibility makes it much easier for homeowners to choose the type of fuel that best fits into their budget and their lifestyle. In order to have the best experience with your new Magnum wood stove, here are a few things that you should know.

Types Of Fuel You Can Burn

If you purchase a Magnum pellet stove, it is important that you only burn fuel that the stove has been designed, tested, and approved to burn. This means that you should only purchase and burn wood pellets or shelled corn in your stove, not regular cord wood or liquid fuels. If you want to burn some other type of fuel in your stove, you will first need to consult with the professionals where you purchased your stove to find out what other types of accessories and/or firepots you may need to purchase for your Magnum wood stove.

When you are purchasing shelled corn for your stove, make sure it is the right kind of corn. Never burn regular seed corn in your stove because this type of corn is typically treated with pesticides and chemicals that can cause many different health issues or even death if it is swallowed. You need to purchase shelled corn that is non-toxic and safe to have around your home and around your children. It is also important to note that your warranty will be voided if you burn seed corn in your Magnum wood stove.

How To Properly Store Your Corn Pellets

If your fuel isn’t properly stored then it will not burn very efficiently or may even cause damage to your stove. If you are burning corn for fuel, then make sure you keep it from getting wet by storing it in a clean, dry area. You should also purchase corn that has a moisture content of no more than 14%. If you choose to use corn pellets straight from the field then it will probably contain fragments such as cob debris, sticks, bolts and stalks. Debris such as this can seriously damage your Magnum wood stove and void your warranty. When you are purchasing corn for your stove, always ask for the following:

• Clean corn that is free from debris

• Corn that has less than 14% moisture content (try to stick with corn that has between 11-12% moisture content)

• Corn that is not treated for seed

• Corn with a low content of wax

How To Properly Store Your Wood Pellets

Just as with corn, you need to purchase wood pellets that are free from debris and have low moisture content. If your wood pellets contain any foreign objects then your Magnum wood stove warranty will not cover any damage done by those foreign objects. Make sure you store your wood pellets in a clean, dry place to keep them from becoming moist and to help them maintain their efficient burning quality.

As long as you use clean, dry fuel sources and store your fuel properly you will be able to enjoy efficient and clean heat from your pellet stove.

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