Magnolia Wood Stove

Magnolia Wood Stove

A Guide To The Major Parts Of Your Magnolia Wood Stove

Whether you are a new owner of a Magnolia wood stove or you have had your stove for several years now, you may find yourself curious about some of the parts that make up your stove. Whether you need to replace a part or you are just want to know more about your purchase, this guide to some of the major wood burning stove parts may be of use to you.


The blower is the fan inside the wood burning stove that circulates heat throughout the area. A blower that functions well is important not only for keeping your entire house warm but also for making sure that heat inside the stove doesn’t build up to dangerous levels. The blower is generally located on the back of most models of wood burning stoves. Sometimes it looks like a standard bladed fan, but some models may have blowers that look like a hollow metal tube.

Stove door parts

The door of your Magnolia wood burning stove is one of its most important parts. It is very important that the door seal completely to keep the fire burning at the correct temperature and to keep the stove safe. Stove doors have several parts, including the cast iron door itself and the handle. Some doors also have a glass or plastic window that allows you to check the levels of the flames inside. These parts can generally be replaced all together or separately as need dictates.


The thermostat measures the amount of heat being put out by your Magnolia wood stove and adjusts the blower accordingly. Often, the thermostat is located on the front or side of the stove, and it can be operated and adjusted in much the same way as a wall mounted thermostat. Making sure that the thermostat is in good working order and accurate is an important step to making sure that your wood stove runs efficiently.

Stove pipe

The stove pipe is the steel tube that extends from the back or top of the stove and allows smoke to escape. It can be of any length and is generally put together in sections. A joint attaches it to the stove, and then lengths of pipe are bolted together to achieve the desired length. Stove pipes generally don’t have to be replaced unless they become dented or otherwise damaged, and if they do then they can often be disassembled at the joints and replaced in sections.

Many hardware and home improvement stores carry replacement parts for your Magnolia wood stove, but if you don’t feel confident making repairs yourself there are many qualified service providers out there who can help.

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