LogWood Wood Stove by Us Stove Company

LogWood Wood Stove by Us Stove Company

Three Reasons To Consider Heating Your Home With A Logwood Wood Stove

With so many concerns about the environment and the rising cost of fuel these days, a number of people are looking into alternative forms of heat for their houses. Wood heat is just one of these options. A Logwood wood stove can either supplement or replace existing electric or gas heat. The vast majority of newer models of wood burning stoves utilize blowers to make sure that wood heat circulates to all parts of your house and temperature controls to regulate the amount of heat being produced. These technological advances make new wood stoves a lot easier to use than their classic counterparts. Here are three more reasons to consider heating your home with wood.

Heating with wood cuts costs

If you live in one of the colder parts of the country, then chances are you see a large spike in your utility bill every winter. Using a Logwood wood stove is a great way to recoup some of these costs. Though wood stoves do require some investment in the form of buying wood or coal, these are generally much less expensive than the cost of comparable electricity or gas. If you maintain your own lot and plan to fuel your Logwood wood stove yourself, then the costs of harvesting, cutting and delivering wood are negligible. Even if you aren’t ready to start using wood heat exclusively in your home, even using it as a supplementary heat source or just to heat a single floor or several rooms can mean a significant difference on your utility bill.

Wood stoves are safe and reliable

Logwood wood stoves are made from welded steel and cast iron, meaning that even intense heat will not damage them for many years. Modern wood stoves also contain important safety features such as a locking outer door, temperature control, an automatic damper and several different casings around the stove box. As long as the stove is maintained and operated properly, it is virtually impossible for it to be the cause of a fire in the home.

Wood heat is a renewable

Compared to gas and fossil fuels, wood is one of the most easy to sustain sources of heat. For example, a well maintained ten acre woodlot can heat an entire house almost indefinitely. Of course, it is also important that you know how to harvest wood in a sustainable manner, or that you buy wood that has been harvested sustainably, a process which involves planting new trees to replace ones that have been cut down and keeping soil healthy. The renewable nature of wood heat relies upon this.

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