Log Hoops - Fire Log Rack

Log Hoops - Fire Log Rack

Log Hoops - Fire Log Rack

Safely Store Wood With Log Hoops

Safely storing wood for your fireplace is an essential component of keeping your fires burning hotter and longer. If your wood is exposed to moisture or pests, harmful damage can be done, leading to slower burning and cooler fires. However, by purchasing log hoops, you can easily store your firewood inside or outside your home, keeping it dry and protected.

Durable Equipment

Many hoops are made from steel or iron. This construction ensures a durable piece of equipment that can withstand the weight of a large stack of logs. Some hoops are even coated with a special powder to make them resistant from water and other damaging elements. These hoops can be used inside your home to neatly stack and display your firewood. They can also be placed outside, but a protective cover should accompany hoops that are used for outdoor storage.

Hoop Covers Improve Storage Ability

Many companies that sell hoops provide their customers with the corresponding covers to protect the hoop and logs from rain, snow and insects. The price of these covers can vary depending on the size and materials used. Vinyl is the most common material used, with black being the most popular color. However, some companies are beginning to sell green covers if you feel you want to add a pop of color to your woodshed.

By purchasing log hoops for your home, outdoor patio, or wood storage facility, you are helping to ensure that your firewood will be protected from many elements. Dry and solid wood makes for long lasting fires, so purchase a hoop today to ensure warming and cozy fires for your home and loved ones.

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