Log Carriers

Log Carriers

Log Carriers

Store and Transport With Log Carriers

Chopping wood for a fireplace or stove is no easy task. Therefore, it is critical that those working to cut their own wood have an easy way to transport their fuel supplies. An easy and affordable way to do this is by owning log carriers. These bags are specially made for transporting cut wood and logs in a safe and easy manner.

What to look for in a carrier

If a person is thinking about purchasing a carrier, it is important to consider the quality and price of the bag. A bag made from leather or suede will be more expensive, but the bag will last for many years. Some bags include a waterproof coating, which can come in helpful if a person is transporting wood in snowy or rainy conditions. A bag can vary in cost depending upon materials and size.

Unique Designs

More companies are creating bags with unique embroidery that feature forest animals or geometric prints. These can be fun for children or for those who enjoy an artistic flair. Horses, foxes, moose and colorful patterns are typical embellishments seen on bags.

Go beyond the bag

Sometimes carrying a bag of logs in one hand can be an inconvenient and unsafe way to transport wood. However, there are now hands free log carriers available! These are usually constructed of canvas with aluminum frames. The shoulder straps ensure that the weight of the logs being carried is distributed evenly across the body. A person will look like they are wearing a backwards backpack, but the ability to be hands-free is a great feature.

Cutting and transporting logs can be a physically demanding job, but with a quality carrier, the job can be made a little bit easier and maybe even a bit more stylish.

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