Large Fireplace Grates

Large Fireplace Grates

Large Fireplace Grates

Large Fireplace Grates Offer Convenience and Safety

A wood-burning fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. While they do present more work than other options, the crackle and pop of burning logs is hard to beat. To boost your unit, consider shopping for large fireplace grates, which add convenience and even help you reduce pollution.

Grate Benefits

One of the best reasons to utilize a grate is that they hold the wood off the hearth floor. This can actually make cleanup a little easier, as you can place an ash pan under the grate. Once the fire is extinguished and the ashes are cool, you can simply dump the tray. Additionally, keeping the logs off the floor means your hearth is better protected. The extreme heat and any substances burned off the logs are kept away from the hearth, which can increase the lifespan of your fireplace.

In addition to convenience, consider:

• Lighting a fire is much easier when the wood is raised, as air can circulate under the wood

• When more oxygen is available for the fire, it can burn at a hire temperature and reduce the amount of pollutants that are emitted

• As the wood burns more efficiently when on a grate, your fire will produce more heat

When your fireplace is not in use, large fireplace grates can add an aesthetic value to your unit. Use them to arrange plants or other seasonal decor on the hearth. You can also stack the wood for your next fire on the grate, which can add a rustic look to your home. Consider using a grate to get more out of your fireplace, both with convenience and decor.

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