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King Stove Parts

King Stove Safety and Maintenance

Using a King stove is a great way to keep your home warm and cozy on even the coldest winter day. But as with any type of stove or fireplace, you should use caution and common sense. Make sure to use high-quality King pellet stove parts to keep it in good working order, and take precautions to avoid dangerous accidents. Here are a few maintenance tips for your King stove to help you keep your home safe.

  1. Register your King stove with the manufacturer. While it may not seem necessary, this is actually quite important. In the unlikely event that one of the stove parts is recalled, you will be notified immediately and will have the opportunity to replace it before it becomes a hazard.

  2. Make sure the fire is completely out before closing the damper on King wood-burning stoves. This will prevent dangerous compounds such as carbon dioxide from escaping into the room.

  3. Empty the ash pan regularly. This is one of the most important things to remember, as allowing the ashes to build up on the pan and grate can cause King stove parts to warp and burn out. Be sure to place ashes in a noncombustible container that has a tight-fitting lid. The container should be placed in an outside location away from your home. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, coals can still smolder and ignite nearby objects.

  4. If your King wood heater features glass doors, you will want to clean the sticky residue from them on a regular basis. Refer to your owner’s manual for product recommendations. Warm, soapy water or a commercial cleaner designed specifically to clean fireplaces is usually a safe default option. You should never use any commercial cleaners that are not approved for stove or fireplace use on King wood-burning stoves, as they may leave a chemical residue behind that can be combustible and emit toxic fumes.

  5. Clean and inspect your chimney pipe annually. Regular chimney maintenance is especially important when it comes to the safety of your King stove. Experts recommend that you have a professional cleaning and inspection at least once a year. This will prevent the buildup of soot and creosote that can become dangerous and reduce the indoor air quality of your home. Potential problems with a King wood-burning stove can also be diagnosed and prevented with regular chimney maintenance. Between professional cleanings, be sure to pay attention to your stove and look for signs of buildup or any other problems that may arise.

  6. Inspect the condition of your stove regularly, looking for any signs of wear and tear that could indicate King pellet stove parts in need of replacement.

The majority of stove- and fire-related accidents and injuries can be avoided if you follow these simple rules for stove safety. We can help by providing replacement King wood-burning stove parts at the best prices around: Shop here to get the parts you need to keep your stove in peak condition.

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