Jensen Wood Furnace Parts

Jensen Wood Furnace Parts

Escape The Cold With Reliable Heat

Old Man Winter is knocking. During the winter months of the year temperatures can drop to below freezing levels in many parts of the country. The temperatures can be dangerously low and can cause health problems in at risk populations like infants, young children, and elderly persons. It’s important to your comfort and your health to have a properly functioning furnace during the winter freeze. Jensen wood furnaces provide reliable and affordable heat that can help you and your family stay warm.

Cost Benefits

One cord of wood is approximately 128 cubic feet. That much wood should provide heat for half of the winter months. Two cords is generally enough wood to see families through even the coldest of winters. A Jensen wood furnace uses wood as fuel as opposed to natural gas or oil, both of which are increasing in cost faster than wood. In the midst of economic uncertainty, many Americans are replacing natural gas and oil furnaces with wood. In the event your wood furnace is in need of repair, Jensen wood furnace parts are available online and in stores for purchase.

Parts List

A new wood furnace can provide your family with affordable heat all winter long. Opening a new furnace would present you with the following Jensen wood furnace parts:

• Junction box cover

• Firebox liner

• Low speed thermodisc

• Rear heat plate

• Reversible draft blower

• Front heat plate

• Shaker handle

• Ash pan

• Shaker grate

• Bolts

• High limit thermodisc switch

• Nuts

There are installation manuals that are available for the do-it-yourself aficionados. Take the proper precautions to ensure your safety as well as safe handling of the product and all Jensen wood furnace parts.

The Most Expensive Parts

While it’s a good idea to keep some spare parts handy, you many think that most Jensen wood furnace parts are cost prohibitive. The reality is the most expensive part from the aforementioned list is reversible draft blower costing somewhere in the low $180s. Most parts are well under $100. Even if you don’t intend on keeping spare parts on hand, you can rest assured that when your need to do routine maintenance work the parts aren’t going to break the bank. Even if you have to do a repair because of a malfunction of some sort, the parts are not terribly pricy.

Staying Comfortable

Jensen wood furnace parts are cost friendly. The furnace itself can provide you and your family with the warmth and comfort that you need to withstand the frigid winter weather. Jensen wood furnaces are affordable and provide effective heat.

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