Royall Wood Furnace 8095 - Indoor Wood Furnace

Indoor Wood Boilers for Sale: Royall Wood Furnace 8095 Wood FurnaceIndoor Wood Boilers for Sale: Royall Wood Furnace 8095 Wood Furnace
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An Efficient Choice For Wood Burning Stoves

When winter rolls around with all the cold temperatures and chilling winds, get inside and warm yourself by the heat of the Royall Wood Furnace 8095. This quality indoor wood furnace was made to heat structures with optimal performance. As with any appliance, it is critical that all instructions and safety precautions are followed so that you can enjoy the 8095 without a worry.

Operating The 8095

Before you start a fire in the Royall Wood furnace 8095, be sure to check that the draft blower will operate correctly by cycling the fan. Also take a look at the loading door gasket to check for a poor seal before you start a fire. To start a fire:

Turn the fan switch to OFF.

Take out the smoke bypass damper rod.

Using kindling and paper create a small fire. Softwood is good for kindling.

After the kindling fire is running well, add bigger pieces of wood. Air dried hardwood is good for the top of the fire.

Set the fan limit control.

Set the draft damper.

When refueling and emptying the ashes:

o Through the fuel loading door, work the ashes down into the grate using a poker.

o Load the fire box full of new wood.

o Close the fuel door.

o Open ash door and scoop the ashes out with an ash pan.

o Put the ashes in a metal container with a lid and dispose of them properly.

When you install the Royall Indoor Wood Furnace 8095, be sure to follow all safety precautions that are outlined in the manual so that you can enjoy the heat in safety and with the most efficiency. With the right indoor wood furnace, you can stay warm all winter long.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Features Heavy Duty Construction
More Complete Combustion
Domestic hot water supply add on
Easy to use and maintain
Proven performance for over 35 years
Grates made of cast iron for lasting durability
8 inch Flue size
Fuel door is 10 X 14 inches
Ash Door is 5 X 7 inch
Manufacturer Warranty

1 year on electrical

2 year on firebox

Additional Information No
Product Manual
Key Specs
Item# 8095
Ship Weight 475.00 lbs.
Firebox Capacity (Cubic Ft.) 5.6
Product Type Wood Furnace
Heating Capability (sq. ft.) Up to 1,875
BTU Output Up to 95,000
Fuel Type Wood
Max. Log Size Accepted (L in.) 26
Depth (in.) 32
Width (in.) 22
Height (in.) 38

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