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Why Wood Stoves are Better Indoors

If gas or electric bills are causing you pain in the wallet area, it might be time to switch to a wood burning stove. More and more people are making the change and almost everyone of them report lower heating bills. However, before you add a wood stove to your home, you need to decide whether you want your wood stove inside or outside. For some it may not be a choice but if it is one for you, this article will try to make it an easy one.


It’s 3 am in the middle of winter and your wood stove could use a few more logs. You can either put on your shoes, coat and grab a flashlight to brave the biting cold and nighttime creatures or you can slip on a pair of slippers, toss a few logs on in the comfort of your robe and head back to sleep. An indoor wood stove lives conveniently inside your home, which means you can control the temperature without stepping outside. There are some outdoor wood furnace advocates that will call out the dangers of having a wood stove inside, but the truth is, modern day stoves are much safer and include safety features, which should put even the most concerned at ease. Plus, most modern stoves include easy cleaning features, so soot and ash is now a breeze to remove.


An indoor wood stove won’t just change your heating bill it can change your quality of life. Imagine sitting down with your loved ones after a hard day of work to the soft glow of a fire. Most people report a dramatic change in how they see their home and how others perceive it. Guests will instantly feel welcome and what once was a normal dull room, takes on a charming personality that will make you proud to call it yours. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from too. You can go classic, contemporary or personalize one to your liking.


Though you can probably find an outdoor stove for the same price as an indoor, many outdoor wood stoves are more expensive. If you’re looking for a basic wood stove with no frills, you’ll usually save a decent amount of money buying an indoor wood stove.

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