Indoor Wood Boilers for Sale

Indoor boilers that use wood rather than gas are a great alternative for home heating. First, indoor wood boilers provide all of the normal heating power that could also come from a gas unit. Second, they are much cheaper to run, using wood that can be bought locally or even grown and chopped personally. They are also an environmentally friendly option, as wood is sustainable and renewable, meaning less destruction of the Earth’s natural resources and a better approach to a healthier world.

Newer systems have been developed to offer a better experience for owners of indoor wood boilers. The furnace within the system is capable of heats so high that very little of the wood is wasted through ash or smoke. In some systems, this is as little as 10-20% wastage. This means said indoor wood boilers need to be loaded less frequently, with less wood, and can be left for longer periods of time before refueling or emptying. Some indoor wood boilers even have easy load and empty systems so that there is no mess, and no escaping smoke.

The worry of having a hot furnace within the home is a common one for people who have never run an indoor wood boiler before, but they can be reassured that indoor wood boilers are built to stringent safety regulations and standards, and often come with extended warranties and guarantees. The build-up of dangerous chimney debris is also bypassed with the use of a second combustion section in the boiler which burns off much of the smoke leaving a cleaner burn and less smoke going up the chimney.

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