Hot Water Stoves

Hot water stoves are brilliant devices for heating the home, as they take fuels such as wood or coal and use them to heat vast amounts of water which can be pumped into radiators and heated pipes around the home for room heating. They can also be used to heat swimming pools and hot tubs.

These water heaters are normally cylindrical in shape, but they can be made differently depending on the brand. They can be set inside or outside the home, with the most popular place being the garage or basement. The reason someone would be interested in using hot water stoves over a traditional wood furnace is that they are extremely efficient at keeping the water hot for days at a time without the need for a constantly fueled fire. There is also the fact that larger logs can be used in the heater meaning less labor costs if sourcing and chopping the wood personally.

While these can take a little longer to set up and maintain, and may require a little more supervision at times, hot water heating units often result in massive cost savings in energy bills. In some cases they can actually cost as little as a quarter of the normal yearly gas bill to run. This is a massive benefit for those who are around the home a lot and need constant heat in the colder months but do not wish to be faced with ever-increasing utility bills. They are also mean less chopping of wood, or less money spent on buying pre-cut wood pieces.

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