Why horror stories love wood cabins

Cabins are perfect settings for horror stories because of their location, size and look. They create an environment for creepy stories and situations because they're far removed from everyone, confined and have appearances that can spine-tingling. Whether the threat is coming from inside or outside the cabin, cabins in horror stories are not all that they seem, as they turn from welcoming vacation spot to house of fear, danger and torment. Survivors, if there are any, usually have to depend on their wits and have to quickly adapt to a rustic environment that they are unfamiliar with. When it comes down to it, cabins can be one of the scariest places to be, if you find yourself in a horror story. Not only are they creepy in and of themselves, they are also the favorite homes of demons, mutants and homicidal murderers.

Below are some of the scariest movies involving cabins and their synopses. They're sure to make you question your next vacation spot -- especially if it's in the woods. Read them, if you dare.

  • Secret Window: A writer suffers from a psychotic break, and then visits a beautiful cabin by a lake in upstate New York to recover. Things get even crazier as he sits in the cabin and tries to escape writer's block. This cabin has secrets, and it's not going to keep quiet about them.

  • The Cabin in the Woods: Five good friends decide to vacation at a mysterious cabin in the woods, where their worst nightmare is realized. Together, they fight off strange forces both inside and outside of the cabin, and try to determine the cause of their predicament. The answer is something no one expects.

  • Wrong Turn: Six young people find themselves deserted in the West Virginian woods, and hunted down by disfigured cannibals who call a cabin their home. These monstrous men test the friends' will to live, as they chase them through scary woods. Nothing can prepare the young people for the cat-and-mouse game that they're about to experience.

  • Cabin Fever: A group of fresh college graduates vacation at a mountain cabin, only to be terrorized by a flesh-eating virus that slowly picks them off, one by one. Their desperation tests their friendships and makes them do things that they hope they would never have to, as they try to escape the cabin unharmed. Choices must be made with dire consequences.

  • The Evil Dead: Friends get more than they bargained for when they vacation at a cabin in the woods and investigate its cellar. Unleashing unholy forces, they run for their lives, trying to survive the destruction of demons who want to possess and destroy them. This movie is widely considered to be a horror classic.

  • Friday the 13th: After a boy drowns in Crystal Lake in 1957, and two camp counselors are murdered, Camp Crystal Lake is closed. In 1979, the Camp is reopened. Excitement gives way to panic and fear as people are attacked and murdered in cabins by a homicidal maniac named Jason Voorhees. The link between the 1957 events and those happening in 1979 eventually become clear.

  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Tucker and Dale, two hillbillies, acquire a dilapidated cabin in the woods and call it a vacation home. Soon, though, they're terrorized by a group of college students, who think they're the same kind of mutant cannibals featured in Wrong Turn . This is a fun horror-comedy that takes everything you think you know about horror movies and shakes it up.

  • The Blair Witch Project: Three student filmmakers go into the Maryland woods to create a documentary on the Blair With legend. They meet their fate with an unseen force, which may or may not be the feared Blair Witch. The movie is composed of footage that was recovered from their cameras a year after their disappearances.

  • The Evil Dead II: The only survivor of The Evil Dead has to spend another night in the cabin, and tries to put a stop to the evil forces in it once and for all. With his friends haven fallen victim to the forces, he's now joined by complete strangers, who provide a new set of challenges. This film has some horror-comedy elements to it.

  • Antichrist: A traumatized couple visit a cabin to simultaneously get away from their problems and work them out. Instead, the cabin seems to intensify their trauma, create insanity and cause more physical and emotional pain. This is an intense movie that is not for the faint of heart.


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