Wood Furnace Grates

Many wood furnaces and stoves come with a stove top and grate that can be used to cook on. This is great for families that want to save money without cutting down on the activities within the home. Many of the stoves and heaters that have cooker tops require decent grates to cook on and can be a great way to heat soups and stews as well as frying food and boiling water.

Another use for the grate is at the bottom of the burner, where air needs to enter from below to heat up the fire so that it can be hot enough to burn wood effectively. Up to 80 percent of the draughts that are used for burning need to come from underneath in order to create this level of heat. Whether the burner is burning wood or coal, the grate is important for keeping the fuel in the burner elevated while allowing air to circulate through the unit and allowing ash to drop out of the bottom. Some furnaces use heavier duty grates for this purpose, and almost all of the units used are made of cast iron to ensure strength and resistance to the heat.

Over time these grates may degenerate in condition, either through wear and tear or by damage. When buying replacement grates it is worth looking online to see the prices of these parts and see which parts will be most suitable to the burner. If the system was purchased a long time ago, it is likely there may even be updated or improved grates that can provide better air flow to the unit.

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