Wood Stove and Furnace Gaskets

Wood furnaces are fitted with door gaskets which keep the fire and smoke contained within the unit, avoiding any possible problems with leakage. Heatproof rope is often the most popular material to use for this purpose, although there are some other choices on the market. Buyers need to be aware that some materials such as silicone are not fit for use with a wood furnace as they will not be able to fully withstand the heat coming from within the unit and may melt over time.

Replacing the gasket is a simple and useful tool that will improve the functionality of the furnace if it has been affected by a worn door gasket. To do this, a person needs to remove the old rope from around the door frame on the inside and add the new rope to the area. When removing the old materials, it may be necessary to use a chisel and cleaning materials to fully separate all of the old materials and dirt from the track before adding in the new one. Another thing to remember is to fit the new gasket rope without any sealant is added and close the door to make sure it fits without being too tight around the door frame. Once the right fit is achieved, the cement can be applied behind the rope and the door closed to hold it in place while it dries.

This procedure will ensure that the door is kept tightly sealed for a better, hotter burn and more efficiency within the furnace. The gasket should be checked on a regular basis for leaks and gaps.

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