Outdoor Forced Air Wood Furnace

Buying an Outdoor Forced-Air Wood Furnace

An outdoor forced-air furnace offers homeowners a chance to save a lot of money on heating costs. The firebox burns fuel, and then water is circulated through the pump and heat is transferred to your indoor heating system when you use an outdoor wood-burning furnace. Forced air then circulates throughout your home, garage, or whatever space you’re heating. It’s an economical heating solution, and at Wood-Furnaces.net, we have a variety of outdoor forced-hot-air furnace options, all at great low prices.

Possible Fuel Sources

Using different fuel alternatives can make for a more efficient and environmentally friendly outdoor wood stove. Forced-air furnaces can burn wood pellets, corn, or coal. Wood pellets burn more efficiently than logs, and they can be fed continuously into the furnace. Dried corn can also be burned and produces very little smoke, making this a particularly environmentally friendly option. However, corn can be difficult to ignite, which means you may have to start with pellets and then feed in the corn. Coal is the least clean option, but it throws a lot of heat, and furnace owners frequently opt for it in areas where it is plentiful and the winters are harsh.

Benefits of an Outside Forced-Air Wood Furnace

  • Since these units can provide heat so efficiently, many people find that they can keep their thermostat below 70 degrees. By cutting fuel costs, you’ll get to have a warmer home with an outdoor wood stove. Forced air creates a warm and cozy environment with minimal fuel use.
  • When you have an outside furnace, forced air can be used to heat multiple locations.
  • Outdoor furnaces create less mess and odor than an indoor stove.

Choosing an Outdoor Forced-Air Stove

We carry many brands of outdoor wood-burning furnace. Forced-air furnace options include:

  • Fire Chief
  • Royall
  • U.S. Stove
  • Thermo-Control

These are some of the most popular brands on the market, and we are happy to offer them at the best prices possible. Browse our options to find stoves tax-free and even some options that include free shipping. If you’re unsure which furnace is best for you, contact us and tell us what you’re looking for: We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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