Fire Starter - Best Fire Starter

It isn't always easy getting a fire started and sometimes it takes more than a crumpled up newspaper. We carry a couple of different fire starters. The cast iron fire pot is a pot you fill with fire starter liquid. There is a cast iron rod with a porous stone attached to the end that you soak in the fire pot. When it is time to light the fire insert a stone in the fire and light.

Additionally there is a cast iron fire starter that is a rectangular box that is filled with a porous stone that absorbs the fire starter. Helping extend burn times and making for an easy fire start.

Lastly is the gelled fire starter that is a flammable gel that is put on the logs prior to lighting the fire. Make sure not to squeeze gel on lit fire.

It is hard to determine what the best fire starter is, all of the above options work well in starting the fire. It all depends on what method you think will work best you and your household.

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