Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens

Installing a Fireplace Screen for Comfort and Safety

Do you love to spend cozy evenings in front of a roaring fire? Fireplace screens can make the experience of sitting by the fire more enjoyable. They can also make fireplace use much safer for the whole family. You can relax and enjoy the magic of a wood-burning fire while knowing that your house is protected from the dangers of an open flame.

Advantages of Using a Fireplace Screen

Many people choose to use screens in front of their home fireplaces. There are numerous advantages of shielding your log fire with a screen. Some of the most important ones are:

• additional safety for children and pets

• protection from debris and flying sparks

• shielding from excessive heat

• better log-burning efficiency

• a more sophisticated and polished look

• an attractive covering for the fireplace when not in use

How to Choose the Best Fireplace Screen for Your Household

There are many choices to make when you are looking for a high-quality screen. Many households use simple fireplace screens consisting of a single panel which can be moved to one side as necessary. Other designs are more complicated, with multiple folding panels. Some even have doors that can be opened to add wood to the fire or rearrange logs as necessary. If your fireplace is very large, or if it is designed in an unusual way, custom screens can be made to fit almost any shape and size. During the summer season, when the fireplace is not in use, decorative screens can cover the empty space and add flair to a room. You have a whole variety of choices for protecting your fireplace while keeping it both safe and stylish.

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