Fireplace Screen Pulls

Fireplace Screen Pulls

Improve Your Fireplace With Screen Pulls

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to a household. The earliest fireplaces in history were simply open wood-burning pits, but a wood fire in a modern home needs to be carefully contained for maximum comfort and safety. By adding accessories such as fireplace screen pulls, you can make your fireplace safer and more enjoyable for the whole family. You can also improve the look of your fireplace with classic and modern screen pull designs.

Screen Pulls Make Your Fireplace Safer

You’ve already made an important safety decision by choosing to install a screen in front of your fireplace. Many accidents and house fires are caused each year by flying sparks and other hazards which could easily have been blocked by a good fireplace screen. Now that the screen is absorbing the heat and debris of the fire, it can become very hot itself! A set of screen pulls will make it much safer for you to open and close the screen when you want to add a log to the fire or adjust the firewood. Traditional spring-shaped pulls are perfect for keeping heat away from sensitive hands.

Unique Screen Pulls Can Refresh the Look of Your Fireplace

When you treat yourself to new screen pulls, you’re also making a great design choice. Many different designs are available, from old-fashioned metal springs to rustic wrought-iron grips and modern artisan castings. If you’d like to make a design change to your fireplace at an affordable price, a set of new fireplace screen pulls can be a great way to invest in a fresh look for your living room.

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