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Four Easy Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace

Nowadays, a fireplace is much more than just a way to heat your home. It can be an attractive focal point of any room, adding a warm, rustic look or going cool and contemporary. There are a number of options for fireplace accents, depending on your taste. Here are four easy ways to boost your fireplace decor.

1. The Mantel

If you want to give your fireplace a facelift, a quick fix is the mantel. You can purchase affordable wood pieces that are easily installed over your existing unit. Consider painting the mantel a refreshing white, or pick a color that matches the rest of your room. Choose picture frames, vases or other decor to complement your color scheme.

2. The Entrance

The hearth of the fireplace refers to the actual hole in your wall. When you are not using your unit, think about fun ways you can dress up the hearth. In the fall, you can decorate with pumpkins and cornucopias. During the holidays, poinsettias and seasonal flowers can be a nice touch. Just be sure to clean up any debris before you light a fire.

3. Space Above

You have a big, blank space above your fireplace that is just begging for decoration. Think about:

• A large, decorative mirror

• Several coordinating photo frames

• A striking wreath

You can also display your favorite piece of art. The trick is not to over clutter. If you have a busy mantel, keep the decor above it simple.

4. Accessorize, accessorize

There are a number of fireplace accents that can dress up the area around your unit. If you want a rustic look, consider stacking logs in an attractive basket or copper carrier. Look for fireplace decor like tall vases or wicker baskets. Search online for inspiration or visit a home decor store, where your options are endless.

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